Everything revolves around the sun.

For us, everything we do, all our thoughts and our entire existence revolve around the sun. It affects our daily lives and it’s at the heart of our ideas.
Yes, everything we do is about the sun.

We develop and manufacture sun protection products for both indoor and outdoor use; all based on the aim of making it easier for you to control the light, the sun and your light environment.

Here you will find everything from classics such as window awnings for homes to complete and fully-automated sun protection systems for public spaces and buildings. Welcome!

About Nimex

Our head office is located in Mullsjö, Sweden, which is also where we manufacture the majority of our sun protection products for both indoor and outdoor use.

We currently have three of our own production plants. This gives us complete control over the manufacturing process and gives you reassurance in terms of quality, deliveries and close contact with us.

As far as possible, we manufacture the components for our products ourselves, and we have carefully selected suppliers who can supply us with fabrics and complementary parts for our products.

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Architect service

For us, anything is possible when it comes to sun screens and altogether we have decades of experience working with architects and on major projects where quality, form, finish and flexibility are the cornerstones.

Among our products you will find both new and proven functional or design solutions, as well as unique products and new opportunities to customise sun protection products and unique solutions.

Techichal information and data, e.g. DWG-files, can be found at sunoff.se.


All our products are made to measure and individual, and they are manufactured entirely to your specifications. This means you can get them just the way you want, and with the shape, colour and function to best suit you and your project.

Our range consists of two segments – a broad standard range under the name Elissi and a completely flexible and customised range that caters mainly to architects and major projects. This range of products is sold under the name Sunoff.